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Producers (with the help of generators) are needed to make income for mostly, anything. Better producers and generators, weapons, and basic defence. (money per sec will change i

Cost Power Needed Money per sec (at rb 1) Rebirth Required
Oil Rig 250 1 20 1
Tesla 20K 5 100 1
Pulsator 50K 25 200 1
Waste Collider 100K 50 500 1
Hexer Maelstrom 2M 100 1.2K 1
Plasma Beam 7.5M 250 3.2K 1
Talon Shard 20M 500 10K 1
Prisca Virtue 50M 1K 20K 1
Quadro Corsair 125M 5K 50K 1
Toxic Silo 750M 25K 180K 1
Gamma Core 1.3B 50K 300K 1
Alpha Tesla 2.5B 100K 500K 1
Sonar Manipulator 6.3B 250K 1M 1
Light Eater 11B 500K 2M 1
Electro Moon 30B 1M 4M 2
Tempus Core 60B 2M 7M 3
Frozen Surpressor 120B 4M 13M 4
Unnatural Creation
Unnatural Creation 250B 8M 25M 5
Terra Nebula
Terra Nebula 600B 16M 50M 6
Energy Splitter
Energy Splitter 2T 32M 100M 7
Sonic Boom 5T 64M 200M 8
Strix Vector
Strix Vector 12T 128M 400M 9
Trident Vortex
Trident Vortex 25T 256M 800M 10
Frost Lumination
Frost Lumination 55T 512M 1.6B 11
Spectral Plate
Spectral Plate 120T 1B 3.2B 12
Overloaded Outbreak
Overloaded Outbreak 250T 2B 6.4B 13
Atomix Fuze
Atomix Fuze 550T 5B 12.8B 14

The Generators Shop Edit


Generators are need to power producers which makes you money. One generator can power up to 8 producers (with the required power)

The Weapons Shop Edit


Weapons are things you need to survive in the harsh world of humans. There are many types of weapons ranging from pistols to explosives.

Bug: For minigun and automatic, there is no debounce to the amount of times you can click (or their firerates are very high).

Name Rebirth Cost Type Damage
Laser Automatic 1 6M Automatic 10 per bullet
Laser Shotgun 1 9M Shotgun 15 per bullet hit
Laser Sniper 1 20M Sniper 50 per bullet
Grenade 1 20M Frag 50 per frag
Jetpack 1 150M Flight Not meant for dmg
Flamethrower 2 1B Fire 60 per tick
TP Device 5 1B Teleportation Not meant for dmg
Blaster 10 10B Futuristic Frag Launcher >400 - Instant kill
Slime 15 30B Beam That Destroys 10 per tick
Bazooka 150 250B Aimbot >400
Ion Blaster 250 1T Wall Hax >400
Katana 1 1 Group Space (Join Ice Cold Studios) Melee <50
Minigun 1 0 (Use a Code) Rotary Machine 100 per tick

The Defenses Shop Edit


You can place defenses to stop people from coming, and the reserve for gaining twice as much. Reserves do not stack effects

Name Cost Type Description Rebirth Required Misc. Info
Paper Wall 250 Wall 50 HP 1 N/A
Plastic Wall 1K Wall 100 HP 1 N/A
Aluminum Wall 10k Wall 500 HP 1 N/A
Titanium Wall 20K Wall 1000 HP 1 N/A
Door 20K Door 1000 HP 1 N/A
Diamond Wall 100K Wall 5000 HP 1 N/A
Friend Door 200K Door 5000 HP 1 N/A
Reserve 100K Money x2 Money But Stealable 1 N/A
Howitzer 1M Cannon 5 DMG 1 Can be disabled, but Health Display and transparency doesn't show
Railgun 10B Cannon 100 DMG 2 Has 1 hp and is slow when firing, but deals 100 damage per shot
Spawn 10B Spawn New Spawn 3 Spawns you there
Stun Cannon 50B Cannon Stuns Player 4 Make so the player cant move in 2-3 seconds, giving time for other times
Elixir Cannon 100B Cannon 120 DMG Acid 5 Deals only 15 damage initially and then deals DoT (Damage over time)
Limb Remover 1T Cannon Removes limbs 6 This effect is until the player dies
Trophy 1QA Decor Hmm... 10 Leaves an interesting message
Force Field 1QA Defence Stacks with others 20 Blocks bullets for all guns except for Bazooka and Ion Blaster
Laser Cannon 1.6QA Cannon WAS GOOD LIFE 75 Deals 100 dmg, high range, immortal, pierces hitboxes

Gamepasses Edit

The shopping cart icon is where you can buy Gamepasses, learn more about each of the Gamepasses in the link here

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