• Shinies

Shinies are very rare versions of every thing and you have the possibilities of 1 out of 10000, but when you rebirth, you increment your possibilities (if you have a x10 multiplier then it would be 1 out of 1000). When u sell a shiny, its coming back with a lot more money (10x more) instead of a normal producter / generator. Here's a list of everything with its shiny version.


1).Oil Rig

Shiny Oil Rig


Shiny Tesla


Shiny Pulsator

4).Waste Collider

Shiny Waste Collider

5).Hexer Maelstrom

Shiny Hexer Maelstrom

6).Plasma Beam

Shiny Plasma Beam

7).Talon Shard

Shiny Talon Shard

8).Prisca Virtute

Shiny Prisca Virtute

9).Quadro Corsair

Shiny Quadro Corsair

10).Toxic Silo

Shiny Toxic Silo

11).Gamma Core

Shiny Gamma Core

12).Alpha Tesla

Shiny Alpha Tesla

13).Sonar Manipulator

Shiny Sonar Manipulator

14).Light Eater

Shiny Light Eater

15).Electro Moon

Shiny Electro Moon

16).Tempus Core

Shiny Tempus Core

17).Frozen Supressor

Shiny Frozen Supressor

18).Unnatural Creation

Shiny Unnatural Creation

19).Terra Nebula

Shiny Terra Nebula

20).Energy Splitter

Shiny Energy Splitter

21).Sonic Boom

Shiny Sonic Boom

22).Strix Vector

Shiny Strix Vector

23).Trident Vortex

Shiny Trident Vortex

24).Frost Lumination

Shiny Frost Lumination

25).Spectral Plate

Shiny Spectral Plate

26).Overloaded Outbreak

Shiny Overloaded Outbreak

  • 27).Atomix Fuze

    Shiny Atomix Fuze

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